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I write and draw original fiction, Therefore I am a God.

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It’s difficult to channel creativity when I’m stressed and unmotivated all the time :/ Well, here goes anyway: Fire Emblem Awakening AU.

I’ll name my pink-haired tactician…Chrono!


Chrono fancies himself a puppet master among the Shepherds. His goal, despite his amnesia, is to brandish his genius in the competitive game called war. He is a devious and charming egoist whose inner snark reveals itself only to Chrom.

In terms of battle prowess, he rivals Chrom in swordsmanship and is blessed with a sturdy physique. Sadly, his magical acumen leaves much to be desired. The first time he wields a thunder tome, he strikes his commander by mistake and laughs foolhardily.



actually i’m working on a doujin about his birthday but i don’t think i can finish it on this special day hhhhh

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I just wanted an opponent I could face with everything I had. I’ve been longing for one. A game so close I’m not sure if I’ll win or lose.

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the basketball which kuroko plays

aomine Happy Birthday!!!2014.8.31

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i just wanted to clarify some things

artists know the risk they are taking when they post their art online. people are inevitably going to take it apart, color edit it, flip it around or otherwise post it uncredited.

saying that an artist shouldn’t post their work if they don’t want it bastardized is probably the stupidest stance on this subject you could take. if all artists followed this line of reasoning, there would be no art on the internet. 

when an artist posts their work, they are trusting you to enjoy it respectfully. and when you betray that trust either knowingly or unknowingly, it’s like saying the artist’s time, skills and thoughts aren’t worth anything.

you are NOT entitled to an artists work just because they decided to trust you enough to share it with you.

an artist is within their right to feel upset that someone has used their work in a way they never intended it to be used. they are within their right to ask for it to stop and not happen again.

just because it’s “bound to happen” doesn’t mean it’s any less deplorable.

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Foxes are one of few animals to have internal compass and able to use Earth’s magnetic field to navigate the distance and direction of it’s prey.

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Dear lord, somebody please take my Manga Studio away from me….


Day 268: Another sketch page comm

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Scarves by Shovava

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Nikita Gill - A Quiet Day In Wonderland (2014)

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